Beep beep beep the warden announcing my sentence.
Life inside this cell imprisoned makes me so tense.
My journey has been from afar tiring and constant,
The others around me are solace and often potent.
These whining shackles draining every ounce of my will.
I’m restless unhappy but it becomes worse if I sit still.
Why am I here what have I done to deserve this?
I want to live not be locked from the light sitting in my own abyss.
The truth is there is no freedom in this modern day,
Years and years of forced service to this world we must pay.
I’m a prisoner who suffers yet no crime has been done,
There is no way out no end nowhere to run.
The torment in my mind which is the greatest hardship of all,
Is I must raise my children and teach them life’s rule.
Be a slave to society and everything will fall in place,
But the world is ugly and my God it shows no grace.

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