What am I?

I can be real, I can be destroyed, I can be fictive,
Vivid with sounds, loud with colours also somewhat descriptive.
My shape changing, bending around your mind,
I can be hateful, distasteful, loving or even kind.
My physical size can vary but once it is set there is no changing,
No matter your strength inside, your thoughts I am staining.
I sit still on my canvas waiting for mere interaction,
Once you pay attention the mind will take action.
Power of emotion sits in the palm of my hand,
I manipulate it, toy with it, like a timer made of sand.
Feel me through your eyes, taste me with your thoughts,
You may enjoy my company or sift through my faults.
I am what you make of me, although at times can be cryptic,
I want to please you, soothe you, by being what rhythmic.
I am what I am but pure imagination,
listen to my words as I am your creation.

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