Goddess Eos

I am the beautiful goddess of dawn,

The day gives birth and hope is then born.


A queen like me, no man has seen before,

To their thoughts and lustful imaginations I could cure.


But a queen is a mere mortal, I am a god,

My assertion is final and weakly they nod.


Man sees my beauty only with his eyes,

My mind, my soul, this is my true prize.


A supernatural being of incredible desire,

A human cannot taste or touch, only admire.


Goddess the bringer of dawn and hope,

Handle my desires? Only a god would cope!


For now I wait for this mystical being to show,

Discover, explore, my mind does go.


Free from the pain birthed by demonds in past nights,

Happy, fulfilled, my emotions flower like a rose in true light.


Eos breathes life with a field of love,

She will always be a goddess that smiles from above.


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