The Road Ahead

My country is demolished and torn,

My family are famished and worn.


We travel in the wasteland for days,

No water or food our minds are a haze.


Seas we do cross on not but a raft,

Every nation we enter gives us the shaft.


I feel so alone in this cold hearted world,

My dead child in my arms is what I have held.


We started together in this voyage for hope,

Now I have ended alone and cannot cope.


All I did was for my children, my blood,

Now a grave full of sorrow is what I have dug.


What is left in this world but despair?

All the great powers and no one does care.


Take me God into your forgiving palace,

Let me drink from your loving chalice.


All I want to see is my children, my blood,

Let the final grave be mine that is dug.


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