Blood Angel

I have a condition that is hard to change,

My excitements and interests are rather strange.


I’m seen as weak and a threat to none,

But they don’t know what I have done.


I’m a man of simplicity with no motive at  mind,

To those few in my life I am gentle and kind.


But at night is where the sport begins,

A chance to fill the world with my sins.


Death is the prize for a stranger in the dark,

A knife in the neck is where I leave my mark.


The pleasure gained is sadistic yet great,

Like the gods above I am the changer of fates.


The pouring of blood is so pure and clean.

The texture of flesh so soothing and lean.


I am a greater being with power at hand,

And your life is ticking like a timer of sand.


Your presence awaits in the cemetery of life,

The last thing you’ll feel is the scream of my knife.


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