I dream of her.

By my side lays not a lady of the night,

Alone and expressionless I wake in the light.


There is my love, the woman in my mind,

In my deepest desires her I do find.


Her smile makes me restless, lost in my thoughts,

She will not know a battle has been fought.


My soul weeps longing for her caring touch,

A desert, cold and empty my bed feels as such.


Eyes are closed and my heart now awaken,

Show me my love, that is foresaken. 


This image of perfection painted in purity,

Does she long for my love or my security?


I dream of her every week, day and hour,

Is this memory residue sweet or the taste sour?


She blesses my visions like a kiss from the pope,

Together in my dreams she brings me hope.


To my lady who visits me in the land of the night,

You bring me life, you bring me light.


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