I fear only a woman.

I fear only a woman, she aquires undesirable powers to dismantle the greatest empires of a mans heart.

Only she understands him, knows his secrets, his strengths and therefore his weaknesses.

Only she can unwrap his armour like peel from a withered aged fruit.

Only she can take away his warm protecting blanket leaving cold dispair and abandon.

Only she can unbuild decades of yielded trust in a single act of pure betrayal.

Only she can be so merciless in her crimes that it taunts him not only in day but in night.

Only she can mock his hopes and dreams that she so convincingly encouraged.

Only she can end his love in his heart that had been burning to keep her warm.

Only she can save him from her own ruthlessness if she so wished.

Only she would break him into a million pieces of sharded glass with a proud contempt smile.

Only he endures such strenuous torment for her sacred love.


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