Our love rides the tumbling waves,

In a cold depth our hearts were bathed.


Like the earth and moon we were locked in poetic dance,

Now you are like Venus, distant with an icy glance.


From the green fields, I lay immobile gazing out,

Once a rhythm of two, I now sprint in my own doubts.


The beautiful field now soaks a saddened red,

That pumping object in my chest holds on to but a thread.


I gaze up over the moon onto you my beautiful Venus,

Tell me you see my pain, my sorrow, my unequivocal apology;

Tell me you have seen us.


Come closer, like the times we span and sparkled each other’s lives,

Come back, look up and stare into my withering eyes.


Here you will see the truth, for my soul cannot lie,

Until then, the earth will not dance, it shall not shine, it will simply age and die.


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